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Staten Island Cash for Cars is Staten Islands only true Cash for Cars buying service. Our various distribution outlets in the automotive market give us the opportunity to get you the cash for cars you need.  If you are selling your car we can help!

Car selling service

Because we do the majority of our business online, we save on the enormous overhead costs that car dealerships pay monthly to maintain fancy showrooms, pay their sales staff and run their maintenance departments.  These savings are passed along to our customer in the form of competitive offers.

We will not pressure you into anything or try to sell you anything.

Honest cash for cars service

We offer you a secure option that doesn’t involve taking test drives with strangers or making your contact information public.  Our online, cash offer eliminates any worry about fraud; even cashier’s checks run the risk of being fraudulent these days.

Sell car quickly

You will get an honest cash payment for your vehicle.

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Call us at 888-692-5957 or fill out our online form and get a no obligation, free estimate today.